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Arolla is the leading independent director services business in Guernsey

We have a large and impressive array of institutional and entrepreneurial clients, including private equity, real estate, hedge funds, listed companies and investment banks.

We believe in the importance of professionalism, innovation and pragmatism, and promote the highest standards of corporate governance, accountability and pro-active board participation.

Our team and wider network have been carefully selected to provide directorship and
consultancy services.

With our wide range of knowledge and diverse experience we provide:

Independent directors

  • Provision of Guernsey based independent directors with the right experience in alternative investment funds including private equity, venture capital, debt, real estate, technology, hedge and infrastructure.
  • Regulated boards including banks, investment managers and fiduciaries.
  • Listed boards including LSE premium funds, AIM and other European markets.

General Consultancy

  • With our insights into the financial services industry we offer clients the opportunity to understand¬† the trends and opportunities in our markets.
  • We assist new managers looking to set up investment platforms.

Board Evaluation

  • Working with two highly experienced evaluators we offer an independent assessment of
    the board's structure, governance and effectiveness.
  • We also provide practical guidance based on experience of a wide range of companies,
    to enable boards to enhance their performance.



Arolla's core values include integrity and good governance. It is committed to preventing the misuse of its operations to facilitate illegal services and has a zero tolerance towards the facilitation of tax evasion.

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