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Article by Matt Wood 14 June 2022

Set Sail Trust – Bristol Pilot Cutters Week – 13-23 June 2022


Arolla Partners are supporters of the Set Sail Trust. The trust aims to support underprivileged members of the community who wish to join nautically themed activities.

As a sponsor Arolla funds a day of sailing on the Bristol Pilot cutters in Guernsey waters for children from a local school. The same evening the pilot cutter “Amelie Rose”, skippered by Nick Beck, took a number of Arolla directors, clients and intermediaries sailing. A warm force 3-4 North Easterly breeze proved to be perfect conditions and Amelie Rose flew down the Little Russel to the Lower Heads buoy and back at over seven knots. Arolla directors and guests had a great sail and all were involved in hauling sails up and down and helming over the course of the evening.

Arolla director Matt Wood said:
“We are pleased to be able to support the Set Sail Trust. The value it brings to our community and to help those that may not normally get to enjoy any form of boating be out on the sea for a day is fantastic. That we are also able to use it for entertaining our clients and intermediaries adds an extra dimension. We expect to continue our support of the Set Sail Trust and look forward to seeing the Bristol Pilot Cutters back in Guernsey waters in 2023.”

Click the link  to visit their website and  more information on the Set Sail Trust: Set Sail Trust | Guernsey Charitable Trust – making a real difference to local lives

Matt Wood

A Chartered Accountant with 20 years EMEA investment funds experience.

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